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Antibiotic Resistance

In 2019 alone, 23,000 people died due to antibiotic resistance. By the year 2050, it is estimated that 10 million people will die from this. It is not known how many animals are affected and die from antibiotic resistance. But ever year, more and more animals are affected. Antibiotic resistance causes increased suffering, is more expensive and can possibly lead to death.


  • Please give all of your pet’s antibiotics as directed and until gone. Even if you think your pet is doing better, please give all of the antibiotics until gone. Even if clinical symptoms go away, there can still be a small population of bacteria that, if not treated properly and for long enough, will come back in greater numbers with potential resistance to not only the antibiotic being used, but possibly other antibiotics as well. Because of this, many times the only antibiotics that these bacteria are sensitive to are either extremely expensive or, worse, can cause health problems in your pet.

  • Come back for recheck exams. These are recommended for two reasons: (a) to make sure that the antibiotic sent home is working, and (b) to assess whether a longer treatment with the antibiotic is warranted.

  • If you are not sure that your pet’s oral antibiotic, ear medication, or topical therapy is working, come in for a recheck exam. But, do come in before you just stop the treatment.

Coming in before the infection gets bad is also important.

Please do not hesitate to call with any concerns or questions.

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