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Preparing Your Pet for Their First Boarding Experience

Most pet owners wish they could go everywhere with their furry friends. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. Being separated from your pet can be stressful for both of you, but some things can reduce anxiety. Making sure your pet is well taken care of in your absence will give you peace of mind. Boarding your pet can be a great option and enjoyable for your dog or cat! 


Find Out Vaccination Protocols

When preparing your pet for boarding, find out the vaccinations required at the facility. Most facilities require certain vaccines to be given at least two or more weeks before the stay. That is how long it usually takes to develop immunity.

If your pet has a health condition, find out the requirements and ask if they offer vaccination exceptions. Some facilities accept documentation from a veterinarian regarding vaccine exclusions. 


Plan a Boarding Trial 

Planning a trial boarding stay can be helpful for pets, especially if they are prone to separation anxiety. Allowing your pet to be in a new environment for 24 hours can help reduce anxiety before your vacation.

It will help your dog adjust to the first extended boarding experience. The trial will allow your pet to understand that the stay is temporary, reducing stress. If the boarding facility offers daycare services, you can leave your pet there for a day or two. 


Changing Your Pet's Habits

If your pet is in the habit of sleeping in your bed at night, the separation can be challenging. Your pet is likely to get upset or cry when they are expected to sleep alone at the boarding facility.

Adjust your pet's sleeping habits in the days before you board them. Regardless of how difficult it might be, keep your pet out of your room all night. Avoid making dietary changes in the week or days before the first boarding. Stress from boarding can lead to digestive issues. 


Packing Home Comforts

When preparing your pet for the boarding experience, remember to pack some items from home that will provide comfort. A sleeping rug or blanket can help the pet feel more secure in the new environment. Find out if the facility can allow you to bring your dog's bed. Pick your pet's favorite toy to remind them of home. Having items or reminders can help the pet feel comfortable and less stressed. 


Providing Your Pet's Food 

While the facility may provide meals as part of the service, bringing your pet's food is a good idea. Bringing the food your pet is already eating can reduce the stress associated with the transition.

It usually takes time for an animal's digestive system to adjust to new food. Bringing food from home is also essential if your pet is on a special diet or requires prescription formulas. If your pet has favorite treats, pack those too. Provide the facility with any feeding instructions for your pet. 

When looking for a boarding facility, find a place where your pet will be comfortable. Visit the facility in advance, and check the environment to ensure your pet will get the best care. 

For more on preparing your pet for its first boarding experience, visit Claws & Paws Veterinary Hospital at our Pearland, Texas, office. Call (281) 997-1426 to schedule an appointment today.

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