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Traveling? Board Pets With Us This Holiday Season

Are you wondering about your pet’s care and safety over the holiday season? Are you planning to travel or are you expecting family over? Being in a new situation or environment can be stressful for your pet. Having people in your house can mean that your pet may not be as safe as they should be. 

If you are traveling, you cannot leave your pet home alone. Traveling with your pet can be stressful for you and your pet. You need to think about pet boarding during the holiday season.


Boarding Is Safe and Reduces Stress

Boarding your pet is a safe option, and it can help reduce the stress of a friend or family member watching over your pet. Are you worried about the situation being stressful for your pet? You need to know that your pet can enjoy the experience tremendously. 

Boarding your pet will give you the flexibility to enjoy your holiday anywhere. You do not have to look for pet-friendly accommodation and other services. Additionally, your pet will also enjoy their stay in an ideal environment. 


Get Custom Pet Accommodations

Pet boarding facilities in Pearland, TX offer custom accommodations to suit your pet’s needs. Depending on the facility that you choose, your pet can get anything, from daily runs to grooming and entertainment. 

If your pet is not comfortable around other animals, you can board them in a facility that provides private accommodation. Your pet can enjoy one-on-one care from the staff. If your pet enjoys being around others, they can spend time with other pets in the facility.


Find a Suitable Boarding Facility in Pearland, TX

Finding the right boarding facility for your pet will take some research. You need to choose a facility that will meet your pet’s unique needs. Talk to the facility staff about your concerns to make sure your pet enjoys their stay. 

Choosing vet boarding will give you much-needed peace of mind, especially if your pet has special needs. Visiting the boarding facility beforehand will help you make an informed decision. 


Your Pet’s Nutrition 

When you decide to board your pet, you need to find out what your pet will eat. Most people are very particular about what they feed their pets. You need to know the type of food that is available. 

Many facilities will allow you to bring your pet's food. This is important, especially if your pet has special dietary needs. If you board your pet with your vet at Claws & Paws Veterinary Hospital you can be sure your pet will get healthy and nutritious food.  


Your Pets Medication

If your pet is on medication, it is important to ensure they get it right on schedule. Boarding your pet at the vet facility is the best way to ensure that the pet gets the medication they need. No one knows the health condition of your pet like your vet. 

Your pet will be able to get the best professional care from people who have the relevant training. The prescription medication is properly stored and administered at the vet boarding facility. 

As you make your travel plans, take the time to find the best boarding facility for your pet. You can enjoy your holiday festivities knowing that your beloved pet is safe and feeling loved and pampered. 

For more on boarding pets this holiday season, call Claws & Paws Veterinary Hospital at our Veterinary Hospital in Pearland, Texas at (281) 997-1426 today.

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