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What You Should Know About Pet Laser Therapy

For decades, laser therapy has been used to treat pain in humans. Thanks to innovation, this type of treatment is now treating pets as well. It is commonly known as veterinary laser therapy. It is a safe, non-surgical, non-invasive way to treat wounded pets that are in pain. 

Pet laser therapy helps manage inflammation and pain and promotes wound healing. Laser treatment can be used in place of or in conjunction with pain medication to aid in the healing process. Specialized veterinarians use a special light to penetrate the skin and tissue to open up blood flow in the affected areas, accelerating the healing process. 

How Pet Laser Therapy Works

Your vet at Claws & Paws Veterinary Hospital will point a very focused light on your pet’s surface area that is in pain or has an injury. The tiny mitochondria found in the cells absorb this light and produce energy, making the cells in the affected areas more active. The process helps these cells to grow, proliferate, and repair. 

Vets use a handheld laser wand to direct the laser light over the damaged tissue. Pets do not feel any pain during this process. Instead, most pets find the process enjoyable and relaxing since the laser produces a warm, pleasant sensation. Each laser therapy session normally lasts less than 30 minutes. The number of laser therapy sessions your pet has to undergo depends on the severity of the condition. 

Candidates for Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is used for many different situations. This pain management treatment is used on pets that need to get neutered or spayed. It helps decrease pain at the incision site and prevent major inflammation. Laser therapy is also used to heal fractures in pets. Additionally, laser therapy can manage pain in pets that have degenerative joint disease or arthritis.

Pets with limited medical treatment options can also benefit from laser therapy. These include:

  • Older pets whose organ functions are diminishing

  • Exotic pets that cannot be administered medication

  • Pets that can take limited doses of pain medication

  • Pets suffering from liver disease and cannot take medication

You should consult your vet in Pearland, TX at Claws & Paws Veterinary Hospital to find out if your pet can get laser therapy.

Benefits of Laser Therapy

Laser therapy can treat almost any type of pain in pets. It can be used to alleviate pain caused by dental problems, ear infections, and post-surgical healing. In simpler terms, pets benefit from laser therapy since it improves wound healing, reduces pain, and decreases inflammation. Apart from relieving pain and promoting faster healing, laser therapy can also increase your pet’s metabolism and nerve functions. 

Is Laser Therapy Safe for Pets?

There are no known side effects associated with this therapy. When performed correctly and by a professional, laser therapy is safe for all types of pets. 


To learn more about pet laser therapy, call Claws & Paws Veterinary Hospital at our office in Pearland, Texas at (281) 997-1426 today.

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