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Jeanette Lamoureaux

Jeanette Lamoureaux

Jeanette Lamoureaux / Veterinary Technician

Jeanette was born in Houston, Texas, and raised in Pearland beginning in elementary school. Her love for animals began in Junior High while volunteering at the Pearland Animal Control, wanting to bring anything and everything home. She has worked in the veterinary medicine field since 2006, beginning as a kennel technician. She is a Pearland High School graduate of 2008. Jeanette has a wide variety of four-legged babies including a cat Marilyn, a rabbit Snoopy, two dogs Bevo and Emma, two ducks, Doodles, and AJ, and a few goats Willie, Oz, Ruby, and Tucker. Tucker and Jeanette have a special bond, and he knows how to shake.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, Ronnie, who is also her high school sweetheart. Together, Jeanette and Ronnie enjoy spending time with their family, taking care of the animals, attending church, and taking road trips. Jeanette was intrigued by chiropractic care, so she would like to go to school for chiropractic to help people or animals. Some hobbies of hers include fishing, baking or cooking, and arts and crafts. Jeanette learned her baking and cooking skills from her grandmother growing up. Her specialty is baking cupcakes. She is hoping to open up her own cupcake shop one day.

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