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Kenneth Hill

Kenneth Hill

Kenneth Hill / Veterinary Assistant

Kenneth Hill was born in Houston and has traveled the U.S. working the pipeline. Towards the end of his traveling job, he found a puppy on the side of the highway and the mother had already passed away. He took in the puppy and still has him today, his name is Hitchhiker and we call him Hitch for short. He’s now considered a senior pet.

Along this journey with Hitch Ken met his wife and took on the role of Dad for her two sons. They have several other dogs at home including Monkey who he gave to his wife as a birthday gift and Sweetpea, another puppy found on the side of the highway; Ken seems to have a problem with keeping all rescue dogs he finds and takes in which drives his wife crazy, but what can he say, she loves him anyway.

In 2016, Claws & Paws provided an opportunity to transition from the oil fields to finally doing something he loves, working with animals. Ken started working in the kennel and after a short time, he knew this is what he wanted to do. He appreciates the opportunity to continue and thanks to the best owner in the world, Dr. Julie Wickel. She has given him the opportunity to continue to learn and peruse his career in veterinary medicine.

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